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Darlene Weston

Darlene Weston has been a Seniors West of the Tetons Board Member since 2006 before we moved into the Driggs City Center.  Darlene moved here 18 years ago November to help care for her mother-in-law.  She and her husband Paul have been in Driggs ever since.

Darlene was born in Denver Colorado, she has two younger brothers.  Next her family moved to Portland Oregon when she was 6 months old where she lived until 10 years old when she went to Sterling Colorado to live with her grandmother for awhile.  When she returned to Portland for a short time before her step father got work in the silver mines, in Wallace Idaho.  The family moved back to Portland where she graduated from high school.  Darlene worked for Osborne Electronics for three years while in Portland Oregon.

Darlene married and had three daughters, after divorcing her first husband she then moved to Kent Washington.  She worked at Boeing for a year then was hired at Rohr Industries for 26 years.  While working at Rohr, she met and married Paul Weston who had three sons. She said that was quite a time with hers, his but no ours. Six was enough!!

Do Your Best

Darlene’s core belief is “you do the best you can with what you have and strive for a better life”.  When asked what her favorite pastime or hobby is she replies that she loves decorating Gourdes.  She has given unselfishly to the Seniors West of the Tetons organization for many years.  She is the Treasurer and the dining room manager.  She is the first smiling face that our visitors see and she always makes everyone feel welcome with her smile and funny personality.

Her children all live in Washington with the exception of one daughter living in Indiana.  Together her and Paul have thirteen grandchildren and eleven greats!

When asked to tell a funny story she will always remember, Darlene starts “when I had my thirteenth birthday party my mother bought me a special gift, she was very excited about it and made me try to guess what it was.  She said it was long, square, round …etc.  I couldn’t guess.  When I got the gift it was a very small pencil attached to a chain that was connected to a small round pin (broach).  It was very beautiful and I still have it to this day”.

Come on down to the Senior Center and say hello to Darlene, I am sure she has many great stories to tell. We sure appreciate all that she does for our seniors, for our organization and for the community.  Thanks Darlene!