Debbie Hunter

debbie hunter teton seniors

Board Chair Debbie Hunter

Hi. My name is Debbie Hunter. I was born in Dubuque IA, lived in the same home for 18 years. The day after my high school graduation I joined the Air Force. After my military service, I attended LSU and was then hired by Marriot Corporation as Food and Bar Manager for their expanding hotel chain.

I love Teton Valley!

My favorite story to tell my clients is how Tom dragged me here from sunny California kicking and screaming in muddy April of 1977 and how he will have to drag me out of here in the same way. From the day I arrived I have thrown myself into becoming a “local.” My first adventure was owning the Teton Bakery on Main Street in Driggs.

It was so fun meeting and serving all my guests. Through the Bakery I met so many wonderful people. The Bakery served breakfast and lunch with our specialty being Scandinavian pastries. While at the Bakery I served on the Board of the Teton Valley Chamber of Commerce and was President for two years. The first year of my Presidency we decided to join with Fred Reed to start the first balloon race to raise money for the organization.

I have always been very proud of that. Not having enough to do with my time I purchased the Knotty Pine so now I had a night life. The Knotty Pine has always been the social nightcap of the Valley. During those years I sat on many boards dealing with everything from young skiers to help start the Women’s Golf league at Targhee Village.

My son, Ladd, celebrated his 12th birthday here. Our neighborhood across from the airport where we had settled had countless kids. He had such a great childhood here with many involved parents and friends. We could not have asked for better neighbors. He married a local girl and had two children. It is hard to believe that his two children, Casey and Justin Taylor will be in spending the holidays serving with the military in Japan.

But I will not be alone. Tom, who I have been married to for 45 years on February 14, will be celebrating as if we are children. Tom and I have shared many of life’s favorite things; children, friends, food and golf.

In the nineties I sold the restaurants and went into Real Estate. While I was out touring different parts of the Valley I could not help but call Tom and tell him all the beautiful sites I was witnessing. I knew then that I would always want to serve this community.

Having lived here almost 38 years, I would like to continue to bring leadership and creativity to the different programs in our region’s nonprofits. When I was chosen to Chair the Seniors West of the Teton I was thrilled. I am dedicated to this sector because it provides health, nutrition and social connections to the seniors in our Community.