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Board Member John Sweatt

I call John Sweatt ‘The Fish Whisperer’- John was born in Norfolk VA. His family moved to Florida when he was quite young and he spent most of his youth living throughout the state of Florida. He learned to fish in Florida, living in Miami he used to go to Marco Island and fished often.

John has a great story about fishing on Marco Island when he was a boy of 9 years. He caught a 21 pound Snook and entered it in the Metropolitan Fishing Tournament in which his fish led the contest for several weeks, when he was beat out by a 12 year old whose fish was a couple ounces bigger. The disappointment of coming in second was soon gone when the awards were presented by Ted Williams’s pro baseball player. He was amazed at how tall he was!

In 1953 his family moved to Denver Colorado and from there to Casper Wyoming then Glenrock Wyoming for the rest of his high school years. Then in 1959 he moved back to Florida where he landed in Jupiter FL, where Burt Reynolds lives. John trained to be a Metalworker, and joined the Navy. He was a Metalworker for 45 years after leaving the military.

John has been married twice to wonderful women. John has four kids, three daughters and a son. He is fortunate to live near two of his daughters who live in Jackson Hole, a son in Thayne and his youngest daughter lives in Casper. All of his kids went to high school in Jackson and grew up in Wyoming. He has 15 grandchildren and 7 greats!

He and his wife Jerri (who passed away in June this last year) moved to Victor in 1991 and bought and refurbished the old Cedron school house. He lived there together with Jerri and their two horses, four dogs, five cats and 1 upside down catfish to this day.

John has fished all over the world; weather doesn’t stop him! Soon he will be ice fishing at Palisades or Jenny Lake! John was SWOT’s guest speaker at our Fishing Community Connections Class, he shared such great information. This is why I call John ‘The Fish Whisperer’; we all enjoy fresh trout compliments of John! It is so great; he shares with all of us at the Senior Center.

John loves animals and the outdoors; he likes to watch PBS and all military movies and documentaries. We at SWOT appreciate John and the great stories he shares as well as the trout he gives us for our dinners. He has befriended and gone fishing with people that he has met here at the senior center. John has made a difference in all of our lives. Thanks John!!