Senior Citizens Center in Teton Valley

Come Join the Seniors West of the Tetons For Lunch 

Valentines Day Luncheon


Lauralie Blake

Lauralie Blake has lived in Teton Valley for over 24 years.  She and her husband, Mitch Blake, live in the Alta Community, where they have raised 5 children and are currently enjoying 3 grandchildren.  Lauralie previously worked in the banking industry for 13 years, handling customer relations, loan documentation procedures and auditing functions.  She currently manages the financial operations of their...

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Eva Marmsater

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden 1946. I married Lars Marmsater 1974 and we have 3 boys. We all 5 moved to Florida June 1991 where Lars had got a great job. We came over to US to stay here for 3 years and we are still here. Lars and I have become naturalized citizens. All 3 boys live here in the US, one in Boulder, one in Atlanta and one here in Driggs with us. I’m a retired nurse, got my education in...

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